Communication network security situation is expected to delay the work to break - networking, information security - Security Industry
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently announced a "communications network security management practices" (hereinafter referred to as "measures"), "measures" for the release and implementation of further pushing forward in the nationwide level of protection, risk assessment, Disaster Backup, security monitoring as the main content of communication network security protection work is standardized and orderly manner, to further raise China's overall security level of communications networks, has a positive role.

Security Technology: Different points of wireless network security - wireless networking, network security - Security Industry
HC Network Security  Wireless networks more vulnerable than wired network intrusion, because the attacked computer and the client-side computer attacks do not need cable connection on the device, the attacker as long as the wireless router in your domain or repeaters within range, it can enter your internal network, access to resources.

Hold Your computer Secured with Antivirus
Is your computer safe? Are you sure that there isn’t any virus in your computer? If you aren’t sure, make it a point to get your computer scanned at the earliest. When compared to past, there has been great increase in the number of hackers. Hackers look for various medium to enter virus into your computer. This virus would be program that would changes the settings of your computer and make it under the control of the hacker. This is just an example of one virus. There are various similar types of virus that affect the performance of your computer and try to hack all your confidential information stores in it.

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